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What does BBA/HAPAS mean?

We like to tell people about the BBA/HAPAS approval for our High Friction Surfacing products, so we thought it might be a good idea to explain why......

First of all it's important to understand who the BBA are and why it's important to have their approval for our products. The British Board of Agrément are an independent body responsible for the testing and certification of a large number of construction products. The BBA are UKAS approved (so we know that they are a legitimate accreditation body). In other words, 'they know their stuff'.

Moving onto HAPAS, this is the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme and is designed and tested by industry experts to ensure conformity to certain standards required for the application of products to the highways of the United Kingdom. These tests are costly for the manufacturer/installer of the product, however the end result of a safe, properly formulated and extensively tested product provides customers and the general public with assurances as to the quality and performance of the product. In other words 'it's fit for purpose'.

In summary if you buy either our Keygrip Epoxy Resin type 1 or our Keygrip Thermoplastic Type 1 system you are buying something that is manufactured by us and rigorously tested and approved by an independent body (BBA) with the expertise to back their approval up.

You can call 01909 722662 or email for information on the installation or purchase of these materials.

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