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High Friction Surfacing - BBA Inspections

We had two BBA inspections last week, one for our Keygrip Epoxy High Friction Surfacing and one for our Keygrip Thermoplastic High Friction Surfacing.

The BBA attended both sites and observed our staff preparing and installing the surfacing and as ever were very happy with the results. These inspections are carried out multiple times each year and are rigorous in nature. They ensure that our products are manufactured and installed to the highest standards as required by the BBA HAPAS scheme.

The top images below were taken in Kent where we installed the Keygrip Thermoplastic High Friction Surfacing product and the bottom images show our Keygrip Epoxy High Friction Surfacing.

If you are interested in our products please contact us on 01909 722662, on or via our contact form HERE

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