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A new vehicle for the new year

We've just purchased a smaller (and more maneuverable) DAF Truck that will, as with all of our working rigs, be transformed from a demounted chassis into a full operational Road Marking Services vehicle. We have an extremely talented fitting team whose main focus for the next few weeks will be to get this vehicle on the road ready for the new year. The modifications required include:

- Reinforced chassis with flatbed.

- Foldable sides for easy access on site.

- Space for materials to be transported to minimise the downtime and delivery requirements when on site.

- Custom built boilers that will be fabricated and fitted in-house.

- Compressors, generators and working floodlights to facilitate efficient working.

These rigs once complete are worth their weight in gold to us and we're lucky to be able to carry out all of the works in house and customise as required.

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