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Safely back to work

After a few weeks of speaking to customers and assessing the H&S requirements in the current environment we have been able to get back to work this week with a number of jobs booked on essential sites.

Our staff have been fantastic and have taken all necessary precautions on the journey to site and whilst onsite and have shown once again that they are a huge asset to the business. An honourable mention also to our production team for the hard work last month in ensuring that we had enough stock to be able to pick these jobs up on short notice if required.

We've had compliments from the customers on the speed and efficiency in which these jobs have been completed with many being done ahead of the scheduled completion times.

Some pictures below from one job where we laid over 1,100 m2 of hot applied Keygrip thermoplastic high friction surfacing in one night in Hereford with the customer being extremely happy that this was done ahead of the scheduled two nights.

If you are in need of any work completing on short notice and to a high standard please don't hesitate to call us on 01909 722662 or email on and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

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